A Fun to do craft about Love - God Loves Me, God is Love and I Love you
Discussion included.

God Loves Me, God is Love and I Love you hearts on a string (or ribbon or yarn)

Lots of possibilities for coloring or one already colored for you to cut and glue

Three separate medium size hearts: God is Love and God Loves Me. I love you.

Who Loves you baby? God Does!

Make someone feel loved with these special hearts that would be great as a valentines gift, wall hanging, or fridge hanger.


TEACHER NOTE: This craft can be made using either ribbon, yarn, or string. If you want it as a fridge hanger, you'll need magnets or a cut-apart strip magnet.

Grades: Preschool p4 through 3rd grade
Love, God's Love
John 13:34, John 15:9

or PLAN AHEAD if you want to make it as a fridge hanger!

Copy of activity Page for each student
Crayons, colored pencils, or fine line markers
18 inches of ribbon, yarn or string for each triple heart.
Tape to hold while glue dries
OPTION: Magnet for fridge hanger


Pre-craft activity: Read the heart's messages - or read it to smaller children. Discuss what each heart means. What does God want us to do with our love? (Give it to everyone - we each have plenty to share!)

1. Color the three hearts if you have chosen the hearts to color.

3. Cut 18 inches of ribbon or yarn and make a one to two inch loop at one end. It will be at the top,

2. Cut out the hearts. and put your name on the back of one 4. layout the hearts face down in any order you want.Space about an inch or two apart. Have the children see if they are "even".Put a good size drop of glue below the center "Dip" in the heart near the top. Identify the dip. Lay your ribbon or yarn over the centers top to bottom - over the glue.(with the loop extending over the top)
5. Tape over the ribbon or string on the back in case the glue has not dried by the time they take the hearts home. 6. Glue magnet on the back at the "Dip" in the top heart - over the ribbon or yarn.


Click the button below THE PAGE you want to get:


Triple hearts already colored


Triple hearts to color and cut