Give a message of love and thanks

Thank you heart with Love

Lots of possibilities for coloring

Make a peek-a-boo star heart that does 2 jobs:
say thanks and show your love!

This special heart would be great as a valentine or fridge art.



Grades: 1 through 3rd grade (or neat coloring K's)
John 13:34, John 15:9

Copy of activity Page for each student
Crayons, colored pencils, or fine line markers
Option: 3 inch squares of colored paper or cloth



Pre-craft activity: Read the message - or read it to smaller children. Discuss what it means. Who will you give it to? What do they do for you?.


1. Fold on the dashed line 2. Cut the heart shape through both layers at once.
3. Cut out the star -pivot the scissors at a point - show the class how to "pivot".

4 Gently remove the star and color. Write your name on the line under the word "Love".

Peek through the star!


5. To add glamour (option) cut 3 inch squares of colored paper or cloth and glue behind the star hole.  


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