Kid's Sunday School Mother's Day Crafts

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Mother's Day-Z Pencil


This is probably one of the easiest Mother's Day crafts with the nicest results.

Mother's Day Daisy Mum is a gift that will last quite a while!

You can honor your mom on Mother's Day and thank her for all she does for you.

It's not so "girly" that boys can't do it. if you have a class with lots of boys, you could call it a "Spider mum" and it may have more appeal.

Grades: Any from Kindergarten thru 7
Mother's Day Craft and/or for the beauty of the earth

Exodus 20: 12 Honor your father and your mother.

(Summer Matthew 6:25-34,Luke 12:22-32  )

PENCILS or **see bottom of page
**Brand new unsharpened pencil for each student
White Glue
Green markers or crayon
1/2 sheet of printout for each student - Colored paper works great, but white is good too.
An extra pencil for curling
A paper towel



Use colored paper or white paper and leave the flower as-is.
You will color the base and flower leaves so all you need is something green to color that piece.

1 Cut out the general shape first. "Jump" over the "dips" which are the larger spaces between petals. 2 Cut between the petals. For the single lines, just cut in to where the line stops. Cut the "Dips".
3 glue the entire dotted box area 4 begin rolling your pencil in the petals. THE GLUE Should be against the wooden part of the pencil, not the metal. Press the pencil firmly in the glued paper.
5 Continue to roll the petals and press the glued paper part against the pencil firmly. With a paper towel, wipe off any excess glue that has been pressed out.

6 Spread out the petals.
This is optional, but makes the flower look better: Get another pencil and roll the outer most petals one-at-a-time over the pencil to slightly curl the petals. Do this until you get tired of doing it. It gets harder as you move towards the center.

The eraser serves as the center of the flower

7 Looks good. Set aside 8 Cut out the leaf part. Color the entire back of the cutout green. Leave the rectangle part with the words UNCOLORED, but color the leaves.
9 Glue over the words. Put the gluey end without the leaf against the bottom of the flower. 10 Roll the green around the pencil tightly. A bit crumpled is ok.

If you have lots of time and pencils, make a bouquet!

I've got a few prototype pencils in different colors in a cup and they look so cheerful.

11 You're done! and it looks great.  


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**No pencil?

It is tricky to begin, but will work! Get a sheet of 8.5x11 paper. On the short edge, draw a line 1/8 inch from the edge. Put the ruler over the edge of the paper to the line. Hold it down while folding the rest of the sheet over the ruler. Remove ruler and press the fold sharply. using your fingernails, hold down the folded edge with your fingernails and begin to roll the paper tightly over the fold with your thumbs lifting your fingernails as you go along. Continue to roll until it is about as fat as a pencil. stop. Glue. Cut off excess and tape it shut.